Storage Console for
Developers on
BNB Greenfield Network

Empower developers to build with BNB Greenfield Network at ease, assist in development process and team collaboration.

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Key Features

Storage Management

Permission Management

Cross-chain Asset Management

Accounts Management

Data Dashboard

Visualized Storage Management

DCellar's visual storage management feature enables you to easily store, download, share and perform batch operations on objects.

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How DCellar Helps Developers

DCellar can be used as a powerful developer tool that can make developer life much easier.

Building on BNB Greenfield

BNB Greenfield is an innovative blockchain and storage platform that seeks to unleash the power of decentralized technology on data ownership and the data economy.

Decentralized Storage of Data

BNB Greenfield allows Ethereum-compatible addresses to create and manage both data and token assets.

Native Smart-Contract Ecosystem

BNB Greenfield natively links data permissions and management logic onto BSC as exchangeable assets and smart contract programs with all other assets.

Great User Experience

BNB Greenfield provides developers with similar API primitives and performance as popular existing Web2 cloud storage.

Pricing Calculator

With our pricing calculator, you can easily get an estimate for your project on BNB Greenfield.

Developer Tools and Resources

BNB Greenfield Whitepaper

BNB Greenfield Docs

BNB Chain Community


BNB Greenfield Calculator

BNB Greenfield Github

BNB Chain Faucet

Start Building with DCellar Now

Start your business with BNB Greenfield's decentralized storage solution with DCellar, and easily expand your operations.

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